About Edina

Edina Kiss 
Edina Kiss had the passion to design jewelry from an early age. Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, Edina was intrigued and inspired by the unique styles and fashions of the great European designers around her. After studying under artist Remenyi Katalin, Kiss began designing her own line of simple yet elegant jewelry that instantly became a hit. Edina now lives in the United States where she started her company, Edina Kiss, in 2004.

Although she has traveled the world and been exposed to many different cultures and styles, Edina still stays true to her original theme of simplicity. Her pieces are individually handmade and designed with beautiful natural stones and 14K Gold Filled. As you can see from her impeccable work, Edina creates Gold Frames to fit each individual stone in her pieces. Edina Kiss Jewelry is sold in cities all over the world, including markets in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Budapest.